Most of us don’t know much about necessary home keeping skills that are required to keep our homes nice and clean. It is something we learn after years of practice and we learn that in order to keep our house organized we need to keep doing them or a regular basis. However most people do not learn the home keeping skills and that leads to having many problems, especially after the marriage. It is very important for a married couple to learn the basic home keeping skills to ensure that their house is always clean and neat. There is of course an easy way out of this, you can always hire professional help, and have them take care of all the cleaning that needs to be done around your home. However most of us do not have the funds for it, since hiring cleaning services on the regular basis could be expensive and out of budget for most of us. The level of cleanliness of your home says a lot about you, so if you can’t afford a cleaning lady, you should learn the basic home keeping skills and teach your kids too. This article will give you some basic tips on how to keep your house clean at all times. I hope that my tips will help you to keep you house nice and tidy so you can enjoy your home and live happily in a clean environment.


There are four questions that are mostly asked:

1)How to vacuum the right way?

2)How to do laundry the right way?

3)How to wash pillows the right way?

4)How to clean mattress the right way?



  1. a) First of all turn on your vacuum cleaner and vacuum your entire carpet, including all the edges.
  2. b) The secret is to vacuum vertically and then horizontally, and then vacuum the carpet in the opposite direction so you will be able to get rid of all the hair, dust, and your pet hair.
  3. c) Next step is to vacuum the edges of carpet thoroughly again.
  4. d) Most carpets have a smell that you can easily remove by using special carpet freshener spray. They will kill the order causing bacteria and your carpet will start to smell great again.



1) First of all put all of the clothes that need cleaning in one basket. Make sure that you do not overfill the washing machine with clothes. Putting too many clothes in the washing machine at once will result in most of your clothes still coming out dirty even after a heavy cycle.

2) Do not load washer with colored and white clothes together. Use the recommended amount of detergent while washing one load.

3) Instead of using fabric softener you can use white vinegar instead. This will make your clothes and towels fluffy. Plus white vinegar get old stains out much better than fabric softener.

4) Dirty laundry has a tendency of pilling up very quickly, however there is no way around it. It is harder to do lots of laundry and the same time. It is recommended to do at least on a load of laundry on the daily basis.



Most people do not wash their pillows and pillows remain dirty until they throw them in the garbage and buy new ones. I will share a useful tip so you will be able to wash your pillow from now on. These tips are used for synthetic pillows.


  1. First of all, if you use pillows covers you have to remove them. If you do not use pillow covers, your pillows will collect dirt and grease much faster. So I would recommend to always use pillow protector or a pillow cover on your pillow.
  2. Put the two pillows in the washing machine in one load and set the machine on the gentle warm wash. You can also put three pillows in one load, you will still get good results. Use a good quality detergent to wash your pillows.
  3. Avoid your pillow from over heat while drying, if your pillow is foam then do not use the dryer to dry them. If synthetic pillow then dry it with dryer setting on normal.



Now there is another task waiting for you – cleaning the mattress. Mostly, people do not clean their mattresses at all. But it is recommended to clean the mattress  at least every 6 months.


  1. Remember if you are using high quality mattress then in order to increase its lifespan you will have to rotate your mattress twice a year. It will keep your mattress in shape.
  2. Use the waterproof pad on your mattress it will prevent your mattress from stains and dust.
  3. Use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum your mattress. It will remove dust and dirt from the mattress surface.
  4. After all steps, it’s time to fresh you mattress. Use the mattress freshener to freshen your mattress and make it smell great.